Conversations With Mac

I've read somewhere that when you're trying to teach a kid the difference between good and bad you should try to use everyday situations and create an object lesson. For instance, if you're watching the news and you see a story about bullying, use that story as a segue into why we don't hit people, pick on people etc. And since talking to Mac is like trying to talk to Doug the dog on Up! *SQUIRREL* I've come to the conclusion that this is probably the best way to teach him something and have him remember it.

We were sitting down together after supper reading the Grinch and I thought AHA!! What a perfect time to talk about the true meaning of Christmas, and remind him that it isn't all about gifts. So I finished the story and looked over at him. He was sitting beside me digging through his individual serving size bag of popcorn trying to scrape all the cheddar powder off the bottom and sides of the bag.
I said "So dude, do you know what that story is about?"
"Yeah" he mumbled, and I could tell he wasn't paying any attention to me.
"This story is talking about how Christmas isn't all about presents." I glanced back at him. His nose was still buried in the popcorn bag and I could hear his little finger going *scratch, scratch* on the side. I decided to power through. "We need to be very thankful for everything we have, and for any gifts that people give us, even if we don't like them, because some people don't have anything. We're very lucky." I paused again and looked down at him. *scratch scratch scratch* At this point I was starting to think it was useless, and that nothing had sunk in - not the story nor my "lesson". Then he cocked his head to the side and with an intense look of concentration, said:
"Mom, if someone came in our house and took all the toys and the christmas tree, we could just call the cops. And the police. And they would come and put the bad guy in jail." I was looking at him, eyebrows raised, a little incredulous that nothing at all that I had said had sunk in, and that he had just been mulling this over in his head the whole time. He must have taken my incredulity as a sign of disbelief because with an incredibly self assured nod he continued: "The cops, they throw bad guys in jail. I know this." He nodded solemnly again, and went back to picking the orange powder out of his bag of popcorn.

Object Lesson Score:
Mac: 1
Mom: 0


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