Fifty One to Sixty

51. Isaac trying to play hockey with a spoon and a clementine orange
52. Mac coming home and telling me his "gills" hurt - he meant his GUMS
53. Mac's teacher telling me in a note that he is a pleasure to have in class
54. Isaac running, body slamming me, then covering my face with drooley kisses
55. Watching Harry sit with Mac and hear Mac read for the first time (Harry wasn't home the morning Mac read to me)
56.  Mac's bus driver waiting for him because he decided that he had to poop after getting into his snowsuit and waiting for the bus for ten minutes
57.  Play fighting with both boys
58. Watching Isaac waving at Mac through the front door when Mac got off the bus
59. Rocking out to Christmas tunes while driving to work
60. Snuggling down under a mountain of warm quilts made by my Grandma and given to me over the years


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