Sticky, Sticky, Sticky

Mac is going to HATE me for this when he's older.

Isaac has a really awful diaper rash. He had just pooped and rather than rub his poor little red bum with wipes, I decided to throw him in the tub and wash him off. Harry and I had long since finished eating and Mac -of course- was still sitting at the table, goofing off and taking forever. So I gave Isaac his bath and cleaned him all up then took him in his bedroom to dry him off and get him dressed. Harry was downstairs working out. I glanced briefly into the living room and could see Mac standing on his chair. He was singing non-sense songs that he was making up as he was going along. I was kind of tuning him out while I focused on getting Isaac dressed. Getting Isaac dressed is a job fit for a ninja and requires a LOT of effort - it's like trying to dress a snake. All of a sudden, what Mac was singing became crystal clear. Here's what I heard:

"Sticky sticky sticky. Sticky in my bum. Sticky in my bum crack. Sticky sticky sticky."

It was one of those parenting moments that happen when you become very very afraid. WHAT THE HECK IS HE DOING!?! Thankfully, he wasn't doing anything other than eating and singing. It could be that he was singing about Isaac's poop but STILL.

It's these moments that make me realize I'm clearly doing an amazing job as a parent.


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