Seventy One to Eighty

71. Quiet time spent in devotions
72. Laughing till I cried during a fun night out watching a friends son play in a Christmas concert
73. My sister-in-law lending me her Dyson (and my neighbour offering to lend me hers!). I'm in LOVE - I actually vacuumed the ceiling in my room.
74. Mac telling me he loves me a lot (and he "loves daddy the same size!")
75. Listening to Isaac gabble in the early morning
76. Amazing teachers for Mac that are making his first school year one to remember
77. Volunteers - whether for Mac's hockey team, at Mac's school or at church - they make a huge difference
78. Watching Isaac trying to be sneaky and get candies off the gingerbread house… then get annoyed and try to gnaw them off. True story
79. Peppermint candy cane mocha
80. Listening to Christmas music at church last sunday


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