Sixty One to Seventy

61. Isaac yelling "BANANE!!!?" and sounding exactly like a minion
62. Listening to Mac proudly yell "I AM I" as he and Harry are reading the Dr Seuss book Happy Birthday to Me
63. Being woken up by Mac's little voice excitedly yelling "I FOUND HIM" when he spotted Pumpkin the Elf on the Shelf this morning...
64. … followed by him telling me that he told Pumpkin that Isaac was being bad because he was throwing his grapes on the floor. Narc.
65.  The waitress that took Isaac for a walk around the restaurant when he got restless so that Harry and I and Vi and Harri could finish eating in peace without having to play "pass the screaming toddler"
66. Hearing stories about all the people doing Random Acts of Kindness for families in need
67. Mac coming into my room this morning and saying "Mom, can you get me my vitamins?" followed by "If you want, you can stay in bed five more minutes. How does that sound?"
68. Christmas lights twinkling merrily on houses, lighting up the night
69. Nepal Black tea from David's Tea. For reals. Try it.
70. Mac proudly announcing he made a pattern with the magnets on the fridge. He's learning about them at school and is obsessed with finding patterns everywhere.


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