Eighty One to Ninety

81. Mac drawing with Color Wonder Markers and announcing that he "really likes these magic writing wands!!"
82. Isaac only coming down with the stomach flu in the morning instead of the middle of the night, so that we all had a good night's sleep before round two.
83. Gravol.
84. A husband that is willing to do puke duty for me.
85. Garden planning that helps break up the monotony of winter
86. My mom and dad doing errands for me so that we actually had paper towels and food the day Isaac got sick.
87. Gatorade
88. My washing machine. I must have done at least ten loads of puke laundry yesterday. I can't imagine how my grandma and great grandma did it by hand- and they had way more kids than I do!
89. Being able to distract Isaac from his discomfort by plopping Clover in his lap - and Clover actually sat there and let him pet him for five solid minutes.
90. FaceTime, Skype and GChat - they let me stay in touch with far away friends and family and feel like I've physically spent time with them.

*For an explanation of these list-type posts, check out Janelle's blog Three Wheel Kiss. While I haven't read the book, I love the sentiment behind this exercise*


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