Like Mother, Like Son

*This post talks about throwing up. If you have a weak stomach, I suggest you skip it*

Have you ever had one of your kids do something, and suddenly, you see yourself so clearly in them that it's almost frightening? And you suddenly realize that you love them on a whole other level for it? Our family is going through a round of a puking bug. Mac got it last Saturday and Isaac started yesterday. Both of them threw up at least once an hour, sometimes more, for twelve hours straight. I don't handle vomit well as documented here, so Harry took care of and got up with Mac the whole night he was sick. Yes, I know, I'm lucky.

We thought the rest of us had all dodged the bullet until I was woken up by Isaac making a weird coughing noise at 5:30AM yesterday. I have a phenomenal puke-dar and it was going a mile a minute. I woke Harry up and said "Did Isaac just barf?" He mumbled something incoherent and the only word I caught was "no" and maybe a death threat for waking him up. So I laid back down and tried to go back to sleep. I could hear Isaac talking in his crib, but this isn't abnormal since both my kids like to try to wake up early enough to make roosters shake their heads and say "That's too early, kid".  I couldn't get back to sleep though, so I went and got him a sippy cup of milk and tip toed into his room… and found him sitting up playing in a pile of spit up.  I took him out of bed and swapped out his sheets and cleaned it up. There wasn't a lot of it, so I wasn't sure whether he had actually thrown up or had just gagged up some boogers. (Sorry, gross, I know!) I had almost convinced myself that he wasn't actually sick when he power puked up the whole sippy cup worth of milk.

So here's the funny part. When Mac was getting sick, he would barf, chug a bottle of water and go back to sleep until he threw up again. No fuss, no crying, just did his business and slept. That's how Harry is too. When he's sick, it's not a big deal.

Me? Well, I'm not quite that composed. I would rather go through an other 10 hours of back labor with no drugs than vomit once. Oh, you're exaggerating, you say. No, I'm really not. THAT is how much I hate throwing up. My parents still laugh about how when I was a kid, I caught the flu once and I sat in front of the toilet about to throw up, in complete denial yelling "I DON'T WANT TO THROW UP!!" over and over again until I eventually threw up. Charming, I know.

Well, it turns out Isaac is like me. He totally knew when he was about to throw up and would start to cry and say No!! No!! for a minute or so before actually getting sick. And after? Well, lets just say at one point, after I had cleaned him up and was heading downstairs to do another load of laundry I heard his sad little voice petulantly say "NO!!! WAY!!!". I wanted to snuggle him and cover him with kisses… which is saying a lot since he was covered in puke. And afterward? I was like pulling teeth to get him to drink anything! So as it turns out, like mother, like son.
Isaac, passed out halfway through eating a popsicle


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