One Year

Today is Harry and my sixth wedding anniversary. It is also the one year anniversary of my grandfather's death. I actually don't like using the word anniversary, because it's not something I celebrate. But today, I can't help but think back about his life, and that is something worth celebrating.

He still pops into my head a lot.

When my dad takes Mac to McDonalds, I have an instant flashback to sitting in the McDonald in Kap in the basement at the corner triangle table with Pepere and giggling because he would let me order honey with my McNuggets.

A few weeks ago, I took the boys to Wendy's. Sitting there with them, I could still remember all the times that Memere and Pepere would come up to visit and he would take us out to Wendy's for supper.

Anytime I see anything funny related to cats, I think of Pepere's stories of scaring cats out of their porch and laugh.

Whenever Isaac is chasing Clover around the living room, I wish that Pepere was around so that I could tell him about it. I remember him laughing whenever I would tell him stories of the mischief Mac and Hemi would get into.

I feel like Pepere and Isaac would have gotten along great - Isaac seems to have the same slightly devious sense of humour.

I wish he could see Mac play hockey. I'm sure it would remind him of seeing my cousins Steven and Ian play when they were little.

Watching Mac scratching a lottery ticket with Poppa today brought back memories of Pepere buying a ticket and writing whichever grandkids name he was with and "50/50" on the back.

I remember riding in the front seat of his blue truck and him letting me push any of the buttons I wanted on the radio console.

I guess my memories serve as a lesson about raising kids. Too often, I try so hard to give them the best of everything, and looking back, none of my best memories with Pepere had anything to do with money, it was all about time. Him spending time with us. That's priceless.

It's been one year since he died, but he's still very much alive in the hearts of those of us who loved him.  He may be gone, but I'll never forget him.


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