Mac has this new obsession with getting his hair cut. He wasn't always like this. For a while, it was a nightmare. He would squirm and whine and cry anytime I would attempt to do any sort of hair trimming. But lately, he wants his hair cut all the time. He'd been telling me that his hair was growing and that it was tickling his ears for the last two weeks or so - basically, one week after I cut it the last time. So I kept humouring him and putting him off. After supper tonight, he asked again and I thought, what the heck, I might as well. So out came the clippers. The thing is, Mac has really fine hair, and it wasn't really that long yet, so I used the #3 clipper on him so that it would actually do something. (I don't normally go shorter than #4 because they're so blond they end up looking bald). I cut the sides and the back and left the top "long".

Isaac is following in Mac's footsteps and has not let me get anywhere near him with clippers for a LONG time. Probably since fall. But he was sitting at the table watching me cut Mac's hair and to my surprise, he asked us to do his too. I was so excited because he was really starting to get shaggy, so I didn't even think about. I sat him in the chair and started clipping… and then realized that I hadn't changed the clipper length. Wooops. I almost cried when I was done. I always call his hair chicken fluff because it's so blond and soft. Well, now he's a little bald chicken. Check it out:

Pre haircut

Post haircut. I think his slightly perturbed expression makes it even funnier.

What about you? Do you cut your kids hair? Any good stories?


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