Messy Kitchen

Have you become more neurotic with age?

If you would have asked me yesterday I probably would have said no. And then today happened, and I realized that yes, ohhhhh yes I have.

Ask my mom what my room used to look like when I was a teenager and I'm pretty sure you'd witness a twitch, an involuntary flinch and a shiver of disgust. I was never someone you would have described as neat and I was totally fine with living in a mess.

It's been a crazy week here. Isaac is still sick with a nasty cold and has been waking up during the night, and I've had some kind of engagement each evening since Sunday. This basically means that the time I would normally spend doing the "end of day tidying up" hasn't happened. I also made bread and cinnamon buns this week. So by suppertime today, my kitchen looked like a tornado had hit it. The sink was full of really bulky dishes, the counters were covered with food, painting supplies from a project I've been working on with the boys, my stand mixer, lunch boxes, my computer. There was butter smeared all over a cutting board (thank you Isaac, you're sneakier than a ninja) flour on the floor, and frying pans on the stovetop. All I could think of when I finished supper was cleaning the kitchen.

I didn't realize how antsy it was making me until I started cleaning. Mac was throwing a paper airplane into the kitchen over and over, Isaac was yelling at me from his highchair, not because he needed me, just for the sheer joy of yelling my name. Each time someone would walk into the kitchen or ask for my attention I would get more and more twitchy and cranky. And when Harry asked me to help him make his lunch I realized that I was dangerously close to ripping his arm off and beating him with it… over a messy kitchen. Not because he had done anything wrong but because I was so bugged by the state of my kitchen that it was affecting everything. Neurotic? Even yesser!

So tell me, is there anything that drives you bonkers now that didn't before? Do you catch yourself over reacting to something that years ago would have been a non issue?


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