One Hundred and Eleven to One Hundred and Twenty

111.  Waking up to sound of Isaac yelling at the top of his lungs: "I LOVE YOU!!!"
112.  A prayer for a friend, answered.
113.  My mother in law offering to take Mac for a sleepover out of the blue.
114.  A leisurely belated birthday dinner with a friend I haven't spent much time with lately.
115.  Making brownies with Mac
116.  Mac announcing he likes the green stuff in his fried rice - it was kale. SCORE.
117.  The way Isaac cuddles up to me between my arms when we read a book together
118.  My day to sleep in. Bliss!
119.  Finding and watching old movies of Mac when he was the age Isaac is now.
120.  Walking into Isaac's room and getting to snap a picture of him sleeping and looking so innocent and cute.


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