Update on 40 Bags Challenge

A week and a half ago I did a post on the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge that was starting March 5th. I was excited and filled with optimism and ready to go. So where am I now with this challenge? I did my best to take before and after shots of most of the spaces, but some days I ended up cleaning a spot unintentionally and didn’t take a before picture. Here are a few of them:

My bedroom dresser

My laundry room folding station

My baking cupboard
As I got rid of the clutter, one bag at a time – or one recycling bin full at a time – I started to feel like I could breath again. I don’t know why or how I got into the mentality of needing everything and having to have triplicates of some things in case I ran out. I mean, who needs three boxes of hummingbird food? I don’t even go through ONE during the summer!! Why was I hanging on to all these things that were just taking up space and money and stressing me out?  When had physical objects become so important to me? I would buy so much food on my grocery trip and then a third of it would go to waste. Why? In case we needed it during the week? I am fortunate to live in a town full of twenty-four hour convenience stores. We have a twenty four hour pharmacy, a twenty-four hour grocery store – why was I using my home as a place to store things?
And as surfaces slowly started to reappear, I started reevaluating the space inside me. Had I allowed my heart to become cluttered with all sorts of unnecessary baggage? Was I holding on to things that were causing me stress? Holding on to grudges towards other people? Using up that precious space for negative things and things that don’t matter, rather than the things that are important?
This challenge has become so much more than one about physical surroundings. It has made me start to evaluate my emotional and spiritual baggage as well. It’s been a transformative experience for me. How about you? If you’ve taken part of this challenge as well, how have you found it has changed you?


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