Our Tornado and Mother's Day

It has been insane up in here lately. You could probably tell that based on the fact that I haven't touched this blog in about two months. Craziness!

Here's what's been up: Since January, at least one person in my house has been sick and it's just been continuing on a rotating basis with no breaks. It's been brutal. To the point where if you stopped in to visit me unannounced, the odds were getting higher and higher that you would find me curled up into a ball in the corner of the living room spooning a bottle of wine and sucking my thumb. Not a pretty picture, I know.

Oh, and have you ever heard of the terrible twos? Probably, right? Well, so I had I. What no one warned me about was the whiny fours. And not just whininess. Straight up just being BAD.  Here's the thing: as much as I like to joke around about Mac's choices sometimes, in general, he's a really good kid. He's pretty helpful, mostly obedient, polite to grownups, and funny. But the last few months have been AWFUL. I don't know if it's because before school started, I had compete control over who he hung out with, and what he was exposed to. I could stop him from being around kids that made less than great behavioural choices, that treated adults in a disrespectful manner and that played rough with kids. I'm not saying my kid is perfect, believe me, I know he isn't, but he was a pretty easy kid to handle...

Then school started and he started bringing home behaviours picked up from other kids and trying them out at home on us. And it didn't fly. Not. At. All. So in the last few months, my husband and I have had more than a few raised-eyebrow, head-shaking, bewilderment causing "discussions" with Mac.  Or should I say conflicts. And we've been at a loss as to how to deal with them, because we've never had to before. It's made for a lot of late-night googling for me and sleepless nights for the two of us, let me tell you. Because here's the thing: although at two Mac definitely got into his share of mischief, it never seemed to be intentional. It seemed to just be a by-product of his curiosity and the side effect to his curiosity was occasionally doing things that weren't allowed. At four, you aren't dealing with mischievous as much as you're dealing with willful disobedience and defiance and I'm finding that way more exhausting. So if anyone has tips (apart from wait 14 years and they'll be gone) feel free to leave them!!

That being said, Mother's Day was awesome here. I don't know if it's a mix of the nice weather and being able to play outdoors, or what, but I got some serious spoiling. Mac brought home a bunch of Mother's Day stuff that they had worked on at school for us and one of them was this:

And stapled to this cup was an individually wrapped tea bag. He was so excited about it and he wanted to make it for me right away on Friday when he got home from school. I talked him into waiting for Sunday. SO Sunday morning, I got to "sleep in" - which actually means lay in bed and listen to my husband and kids get breakfast ready for me.  It was so funny to listen in on them. Mac was so excited about making me the tea - I heard him start the kettle, and then once Harry had poured the hot water into a cup Mac added the tea bag and some sugar and milk for me. Then, they brought me breakfast in bed...

...as well as homemade cards. This is the one Mac drew for me. I think it's our house and the four of us sleeping in our beds.

Then Mac and I went off to church and Isaac stayed home with Dad for a nap. At church, I got to help out in the Sunday School room, which was a lot of fun. Then Mac and I took my mom out for lunch. After lunch, we came home and went for a walk to the park where the kids played on the slide. We finally dragged them home at around five - I think that if it had been up to them, we would still be at the park now.

Then, the very best part of the day happened. I was tucking Mac into bed and we were talking about our day and I told him that I had a lot of fun helping out in his Sunday School class. And he looked at me and said "It was a lot of fun having you in my Sunday school class. I wish you could be in it every week. I liked seeing you there." 

After two months of what seems like non-stop fighting with him, those words were the best mother's day gift I could have asked for.  

As for the funniest part of the day? That might have been while we were walking to the park. We walked by an older lady that my husband knows, and she wished me a Happy Mother's Day. As we're walking away, Mac yells over his shoulder to her "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU TOO!!"


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