For Mac's Teachers

The school year is wrapping up and Mac will officially finish his first year of school on Friday. Part of me is looking forward to the end of the school year (no more lunches!! yay!) and part of me can't believe it's already over.

I had so many plans for this school year. I thought that I would be the mom that was super involved in the class. I thought I would be super creative and artistic with his lunches. I thought that I would send Pinterest inspired holiday goodies all cleverly and cutely wrapped up to school at Christmas, and get Mac a super-cool costume for Hallowe'en, and surprise him at school with spooky cupcakes. I pictured him going to school dressed in clean blue jeans and an adorable plaid shirt. I pictured him happily going to all the classmates birthday parties and meeting his new best friend. I pictured so many things. I think I confused myself with Superman.

This year, Mac's lunch was pretty much the same thing ninety percent of the time. His Hallowe'en costume was purchased last minute at Value Village. I made NO cupcakes for his class at Christmas or Hallowe'en. And this year, he decided that he was dressing himself and so nearly every morning I would cringe when he would come upstairs dressed in some pretty technicolor "outfits". We only made it to one classmate's birthday party.

But you know what? It didn't seem to matter to him. You know who made his year special? His teachers.

At the start of the school year, I prayed for two things: that Mac would adjust well to school life (be polite to teachers and not be a little terrorist in class) and that he would have teachers who loved their jobs. I wanted to Mac to know that learning is fun, but to also have teachers that maintained order in their class and taught him that school isn't a place for fooling around. And lucky me, I got both those things.

I can't say enough about his teachers. I remember during the first week of school we had several issues with the bussing system and one day, the bus didn't even come by to pick him up. He was so upset that he couldn't ride the bus with his friends and was still a little tearful by the time I dropped him off at school. I walked him into his class and explained to his teacher what had happened and why we were late. She gave him a big hug and comforted him and he just lit right up.

I couldn't believe all the little (and not so little) things they did that went above and beyond. The time his teachers took to do crafts with him to bring home on Mother's Day and Father's Day. The Christmas play they did for the parents and the photo Christmas ornaments the kids all got. The turkey supper at Christmas time for the kids. The little water bottles all individually labeled with the kids names that they provided for the class.  The field trips to the post office, police station, library and fire station. The super awesome end of year scrapbook they made for each of the children.

I know from my experience working at the pool that kids these days are not easy to handle and I know from personal experience that Mac has his moments where he is shall we say, less than pleasant. So I can only imagine the amount of patience and dedication it would take to teach a classroom of 25-30 little children who are not your own and to genuinely care about them and their future. And we were lucky enough to be blessed with those teachers this year.

So to Madame M. and Madame P and any other teachers out there that teach like they do- thank you. You make a huge impact and you make learning incredibly special for "your" kids.  I certainly couldn't have asked for better teachers or a better first year. Un gros merci, and enjoy your summer. You definitely earned it!


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