Do your kids ever surprise you? I don't mean the hide in the closet and jump out at you first thing in the morning kind of surprise. I mean when they act in a way that you hadn't thought in keeping with their personality.  Isaac has been doing that to us recently.

A few weeks ago, we set up our camper at my family's property near a lake. It's a great little spot with lots of cool childhood memories attached to it. One of the best things about it is that you can lay on the dock and watch the schools of Perch swim around. Isaac got a huge kick out of it. Mac was more interested in catching them, which was the high point of his weekend since anyone who has fished Perch knows that they are the easiest thing to catch. In fact, since we can't trust Isaac with a hook, I gave him a fishing rod with just a spinner on it so that he could be like his big brother, and the Perch were hitting the spinner. I do think I've ruined my boys for fishing anything else now though because if they don't catch something as soon as they cast, they think something is wrong! But I digress...

Isaac was very excited about seeing all the fish. A few days after we got home, my mother and father in law stopped in with some speckled trout that they had caught. Isaac was absolutely obsessed with the fish in the bag. He wouldn't leave it alone and so when Harry decided to clean them so we could cook them up for supper, Isaac pulled up a chair and stood right next to him at the counter, waiting anxiously to see what was going to happen to his precious "pishy".

I would never have guessed that when Harry cut the head off the first fish and started cleaning the guts out, Isaac would start power gagging. My crazy little he-man, the one who kills the grossest bugs with an open handed slap, couldn't deal with seeing a fish being cleaned. Harry, whose hands were covered in fish at this point was yelling for me to come get him and take him into the other room because he was working himself up to a good vomit. I was laughing hysterically in the next room and was barely able to get him out in time. I wouldn't have thought that fish being cleaned would bother him. Ever! This is the kid that pooped in the tub and didn't tell me about it. I found out after he'd been sitting in it for twenty minutes and the bubbles disappeared! I've caught him eating the rabbit's food and drinking his water. He used to eat mud! So fish? I thought it would be a breeze!

An other thing he did that I totally wouldn't have thought like him was freak out when he saw tadpoles in the water at my in-laws lake. I thought he'd be thrilled to chase them around, try to catch them, play with them, squish them - just kidding. Well, not really... but nope. The second he saw them, he wouldn't go near the water.

It's got me wondering. Do I know this kid at all?! I keep thinking of him as a tough, afraid of nothing, purple-minion kind of kid. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's way more sensitive than I thought.
Is this the face of a sensitive soul?

So tell me. Have your kids every shocked you with their reaction to something?


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